Useful information about the lessons

What's the difference between foot patterns and turn patterns?

Foot patterns are what you do with your feet regardless of whether you're dancing alone or with a partner. 

Turn patterns are what you do when you're dancing with a partner.

Why do we have to learn the foot patterns first?

If you can't do the foot patterns on your own, you'll probably never be able to do the dance with a partner either. 

Learning the foot patterns alone also creates muscle memory in your legs and calms you. 

And for the guys...learning one thing at a time is so much easier than learning, both what to do with your arms and feet at the same time.

Why do the men have to learn the lady's foot patterns and visa versa?

It's really only called men's and ladies foot patterns here because that's where you'll be using them. There are so many different foot patterns that eventually you'll be using everything you learn here.

And the more foot patterns you know the easier it all becomes. Knowing both only works in your favour!

Are we learning these particular first dance patterns for a reason? 

Yes it makes a big difference which patterns you learn first!

When learning something new your priority needs to be on building skill. These patterns were chosen because they will help build the finesse required to take you through the rest of the dance. It's all about finesse and control for the guys in partner dancing. And for the ladies it's all about response.

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Services Provided

  • group salsa lessons

  • private salsa lessons
          in home - studio - office - school

  • corporate salsa lessons

  • dance lessons for parties

  • wedding first dance classes

  • private groups

Gift certificates available

Pricing (all prices subject to hst)

A Card - 9 classes - $15/class x 9 = $135 
The card is valid for 15 weeks. 

Privates for one or two people are $79.65 

Drop-ins are $17.70
For students who have competed 
3 levels of Intro classes

Methods of payment

Cash or cheques or email bank transfers
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Group and private salsa lessons
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Phone 905-815-3530
Dance partners not required.
Singles are welcome!