Foot patterns reviews for level one salsa students.
Dancers...please note that all counts are on men's timing.

ladies - change of place

ladies - cross body left

ladies - left check turn

ladies - cross body right

ladies - traveling right[1 1/2 right turn]

ladies - cross body left with a 1 1/2 inside turn

ladies - cross body right with a 1 1/2 outside turn

ladies - stop and go

men - change of place

men - cross body left

men - cross body right

men - traveling right

men and ladies - right turn  - straight and angled
If you're browsing in search of salsa dance lesson, then you might want to bookmark this page. 

The following foot pattern reviews are from a few of the most common salsa turn patterns, so you're going to have to learn them regardless of where you take your lessons. Remember, salsa (and all partner dancing) is danced as patterns strung together. 

So please feel free to come back here and use the foot patterns to refresh your memory or learn something new. 
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For students who have competed 
3 levels of Intro classes

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