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Services Provided

  • group salsa lessons

  • private salsa lessons
          in home - studio - office - school

  • corporate salsa lessons

  • dance lessons for parties

  • wedding first dance classes

  • private groups

Gift certificates available

Pricing (all prices subject to hst)

A Card - 9 classes - $15/class x 9 = $135 
The card is valid for 15 weeks. 

Privates for one or two people are $79.65 

Drop-ins are $17.70
For students who have competed 
3 levels of Intro classes

Methods of payment

Cash or cheques or email bank transfers
The Salsa Dance Floor history

How this all came about

The Salsa Dance Floor started as a result of personal frustrations I was having with the way I was experiencing dance lessons, at what I considered to be the best salsa dance schools in the Toronto area. The instructors were great dancers and the lessons seemed to go well in the studio, but it wasn't transferring onto the dance floor outside of the class. That's a serious problem. 

Salsa is danced as a series of random dance turn patterns strung together. If you know several simple patterns and string them together, you have what looks like intricate dance sequences. It's easy to do with some good lessons and practice.

The dissatisfaction I was having with the lessons was that we were being taught long sequences of patterns...or small choreographies. That's not something you can expect a social dancer to remember. Besides that, we were told to go onto the dance floor and break the choreography into smaller bits and re-arrange the bits with the other patterns we already knew, off the top of our heads. It was to much information for me. And most of the dancers I chatted with about salsa lessons in general were experiencing the exact same frustration. 

At the same time as this I was exercising using Russian methods of training. The Russian method said that dynamic movement was really simple movements strung together that visually looked complicated but was simple when done with knowledge and experience. They taught this way, small bits of information at a time. They also pointed out that the key to movement with a partner is mostly about you controlling your own tension (most people are completely unaware of this and how tightly they hold themselves). It sounded just like salsa to me!

So after running some tests by giving out free lessons using the Russian methods...and achieving great success, I decided to open the school. I named my salsa teaching method Sistema, after the Russian method of fitness training which is called Systema.

Whether you are an experienced dancer or completely new to salsa, take only one of our Intro classes to see for yourself the difference between learning something dynamic the standard complex way versus our method of learning using our Sistema Method of instruction. 

The Salsa Dance Floor
Group and private salsa lessons
Contact Info
Phone 905-815-3530
Dance partners not required.
Singles are welcome!