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The Salsa Dance Floor
Intro classes

First lesson
The basic salsa foot pattern and 6 variations of it.

These first foot patterns is were you start. Being able to do them alone will help with muscle memory in your legs and create comfort. 

And you're taught to move like you walk at first. So you won't get overwhelmed with fancy or complex body movements as you're trying to develop muscle memory in your legs. 

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The foot work for the two most common dance patterns you'll need to know. They are called a 
right turn and the pattern for a cross body lead. 

With this, you already start to learn the foot patterns used that include a change of direction. It's the base for all of your turns, or changes of direction. It's 3 steps each. It's that simple. 

The salsa we do in North America is often referred to as 'cross body style' of salsa. This is the foot work for it

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Here we start our partner dancing, with a partner. 

This is probably the most challenging class for most people. It's where the guys start to learn to control themselves and the girls learn to relax!

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Here you'll be learning some more basic patterns and you'll already be learning a little free styling stuff. 

You'll also be moving away from specific patterns. First you learn the rules, then we start to break them.

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Now that you are already comfortable on a dance floor, we're going to start throwing more dance patterns at you. And you'll be learning at a pretty quick rate now, compared to how long it took you to learn something new when you first started. 

Next lessons
More turn patterns, latin motion, styling, variations of rhythm, foot speed and more.
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Services Provided

  • group salsa lessons

  • private salsa lessons
          in home - studio - office - school

  • corporate salsa lessons

  • dance lessons for parties

  • wedding first dance classes

  • private groups

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The Salsa Dance Floor
Group and private salsa lessons
Contact Info
Phone 905-815-3530
Dance partners not required.
Singles are welcome!
Pricing (all prices subject to hst)

A Card - 9 classes - $15/class x 9 = $135 
The card is valid for 15 weeks. 

Privates for one or two people are $79.65 

Drop-ins are $17.70
For students who have competed 
3 levels of Intro classes

Methods of payment

Cash or cheques or email bank transfers