Intro classes

Intro 1
The basic salsa foot pattern and 7 variations of it.

These first foot patterns is were you start. Being able to do them alone will help with muscle memory in your legs and create comfort. 

And you're taught to move like you walk at first. So you won't get overwhelmed with fancy or complex body movements as you're trying to develop muscle memory in your legs.

Intro 2
You'll be learning your first turn pattern. It's the basic pattern with a change in direction. It's called a Right Turn. It's a 360 degree turn over 3 steps. Pretty simple. And one of the most important things you will learn. It's also done like a walk. 

Intro 3
The foot work for the next most common dance pattern you'll need to know. It's called a Cross Body Lead..The style of salsa you'll be learning is often called cross body salsa. It gets that name from this pattern.

Intro 4
The foot work for the third most common piece foot work used in countless dance patterns is called a rock step. You;ll be wanting to learn this separately as foot work before you partner up with someone as this is where you learn to introduce tension as part of the fun. . 

Intro 5
Before we partner you up, we do some simple exercises you help remove some of the excess tension that interrupts the understanding and communication of the dance pattern. This is where most people fail in their execution of the dance patterns they learn. This is mostly an issue with the leasers but is often common with the followers also. 

Intro 6
Here we start our partner dancing, with a partner. We start with one simple pattern. The Cross Body Lead. 

This is probably the most challenging class for most people. It's where the guys start to learn to control themselves regarding tension and movement. And the girls learn to relax!

Intro 7
Here we move onto the second pattern, danced with a partner. The right turn.
With the first 4 patterns, you only learn one pattern per class. This keeps it simple and underwhelming. 

Intro 8
Here you'll be learning the 3rd most basic pattern and you'll be marrying that to the first two patterns you learned. It's called a change of place. 

Intro 9
You'll be learning your last Intro class pattern. It's where you learn to remove all excess tension from your movement as a leader and how to react to this as the follower. You'll see how this affects the movement of the dancer differently even though the movement is the same. It's called resonance. This can only be understood in person and within contact. It makes no sense when you're reading it. It needs to be experienced as contact with another person.  

Intro 10
Nothing new here, You keep practicing what you know until you find it easy and effortless. This is where you get your confidence. It's where the guys know they can ask anyone on a dance floor to dance salsa with them.

Level 1
You're now ready for the more complicated stuff. Every new pattern you learn here opens a whole new set of possibilities. that's how the dance works. You learn one small thing and use it many different ways. this level takes you to the completion of 12 dance patterns. I've called them the Dirty Dozen.  

Level 2
More turn patterns,Up to 20-plus more. and you'll be learning more than a single pattern per class. You'll be ready for the speed in learning at this point. You'l also be learning Latin motion, styling, variations of rhythm, foot speed and more.

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Try this simple exercise.

Simply walk around forwards. Either in a straight line or a curved line. Take 10 to 20 steps. And notice which part of your food hits the ground first. 

Is it your toes? Or your heels or your whole foot?

Now do the same thing walking backwards. Take 10 to 20 steps and take note of which part of your foot hits the ground first. 

Same question here. Which part of your foot hits the ground first? Is it your toes or heel or the whole foot?

So here's my question for you...
If you're taking a salsa class, and your learning some very basic and simple foot patterns, and the instruction is something like, "just do the salsa pattern like you walk, since we are just building muscle memory here," do you think you could manage to keep your steps simple and within familiarity, meaning you're moving the same as when you walk? Or do you think that your imagination would kick in and you'd start to struggle with your feet in terms of how they hit the ground?

Sound crazy? Like this couldn't happen to you? Well... it happens all the time. And it's seriously funny! 

The new students sometimes start arguing that, that is really the way they walk. Like they often break out into ballet foot work when they are walking. 

My solution to the comedy, is to occasionally video tape argumentative students with my cell phone. I tape them walking when they don't think that they are doing salsa and then sometimes tape them when they are doing simple salsa patterns. I then show them the video of themselves not walking like they usually do as they are doing the steps. That always ends the argument, which is fun anyway. What typically happens is that as soon as they think they are doing salsa footwork, they start to move their feet in strange and unfamiliar ways to themselves. 

But this doesn't really happen anymore (the video taping). I now start all new students in their first class by having them walking around and then having them report which part of their foot hits the floor first during the walk. After that, it's mostly just reminders to simply move like you walk when you're first learning.

This is mostly an issue of the excessive control your mind has on you. On all of us. Learning to relax is one of the bigger challenges when you first start. It's clearly not the complexity of the foot work. The foot work is pretty simple. It's calm that's challenging. 
Dance partners not required.
Singles are welcome!
9 group classes x $18 = $162 + hst = $183.06
1 private class @ $140 + hst = $158.20