The Natural Movement System of dance instruction

Salsa is danced as a series of patterns all strung together.

All else being equal (the music, the location, the partners, the patterns), it is your dance lessons that will determine your ability to dance confidently and enjoyably.

We use a  method of dance instruction called the Natural Movement System. It is the easiest and fastest way to learn how to salsa dance because it was developed to look after the underlying fundamentals found within all partner dancing. 

The key fundamentals are comfort within movement, tension control (your own, not your partner's), and connection. And specifically for the men, delivering in-class instruction in a manner that allows you to remember and execute all the patterns you learn when on the dance floor, outside of the school. 

With the Natural Movement System method, your present level of ability has nothing to do with your potential. Anyone can be a great salsa dancer!

Special note: If you've tried salsa classes before, and the lessons didn't go well for you, don't give up just yet. If you didn't quite 'get it,' it's probably because of one of only two reasons. 

Reason one:You are overly tense and you are completely unaware of it. This can be looked after with proper instruction. And it's also the reason you can't learn just by watching when you are in the beginning stages of learning.

Reason two:You are not getting the rhythm. Rhythm is quite contagious, so it's not something that really needs to be taught. The problem is some people try to hold rhythm in two different places in their bodies at the same time.They are doing a kind of polyrhythm and are not aware of it This will confuse anybody. Most people have never heard this before so it's not a possible fix for them as their assumption is they are rhythmically challenged. Not so...the solution for this is good instruction.

Services Provided

  • group salsa lessons

  • private salsa lessons
          in home - studio - office - school

  • corporate salsa lessons

  • dance lessons for parties

  • wedding first dance classes

  • private groups

Gift certificates available

The Salsa Dance Floor
Group and private salsa lessons
Contact Info
Phone 905-815-3530
Pricing (all prices subject to hst)

A Card - 9 classes - $18/class x 9 = $162
The card is valid for 12 weeks. 

Privates for one or two people are $140.00 

Drop-ins are $20.00
For students who have completed 
9 levels of Intro classes

Methods of payment

Email bank transfers
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Singles are welcome!